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Capturelib Screen Recorder 4.2

Record all activity on your Windows desktop and save it as an AVI video file
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Capturelib Screen Recorder is an application designed to record all activity on your Windows desktop and save it as an AVI video file. It allows you to capture a specific region of your screen and pan it either automatically or manually while recording. Moreover, it can also capture sound from multiple sources, including your microphone. It is ideal to create teaching and illustrative videos.

The program basically allows you to define the area you want to capture and for how long. You can capture your entire screen, a movable region, a fixed region or a specific window only. In addition, you may start and stop the recording manually or define a fixed duration, so that the program can stop the recording automatically. Besides, you can select whether to capture your mouse cursor or not. The program can be configured to simulate sounds for the left and right clicks of the mouse, as well as for the key strokes. Additionally, it includes many interesting and helpful effects, such as highlighting the mouse cursor and its click actions.

Another key asset of this program is its capability to add system stamps and customized texts to your resulting videos. The system stamp can include the date and time, a time counter, the computer's name, and more. The position, font, color, background, and effects of both the stamp and your customized text can be customized. Furthermore, the program can run in background mode, minimizing itself to the system tray area. Finally, it offers you some shortcuts for key actions, such as starting or stopping the recording, canceling it or enabling the auto-pan feature. When your recording is finished, you can play it back thanks to an embedded video player located on the program’s main window. And these are just the most important features of this program.

To summarize, Capturelib Screen Recorder may become the perfect tool for those who create PC-oriented presentations and tutorials frequently. However, it includes so many functions and features that it might take a considerable time and effort to get familiar with them all.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to capture your entire screen or a specific region only
  • It can capture sound from different sources
  • It can capture your mouse cursor and highlight both its movement and click actions
  • Allows you to add a system stamp and customized text to your videos
  • Can run in background mode
  • Includes an embedded video player for you to check your screen captures


  • It is not self-explanatory - thus it may take time to get familiar with all its functions and features
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